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Audio Engineering and Production

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Engineering services

Engineering Examples


$35 USD

Recording can be done locally at our studio space or any studio space we have available to us. If you need an engineer for a session in a location of your own, the price may vary to include travel costs and commission fees. Price listed is based on a "per hour" basis.

Audio Editing

$35 USD

If you have a project that has timing issues, spots that need to be cut out, or audio that needs to be spliced in, then you need the audio editing service. This is good for spoken word projects such as podcasts, and also good for musical projects that have recently been recorded. Ask us about audio editing before you purchase our mixing services, as editing may improve the quality of your mix. Price listed is based on a "per hour" basis.


Mixing prices are based around musical projects. If you have a project that is not musical that needs to be mixed (podcast, spoken word, etc.), contact us for a quoted price. "Tracks/stems" refer to the individual instrument and/or vocal tracks within the session. This means that prices are based on how large each song is. By estimating the amount of tracks, we can also estimate the amount of time it will take to mix your song. If a project is taking longer than the expected time, you may be subject to additional costs. Price listed is based on a "per track/stem" basis as well as a "per hour" basis. 


1-12 Tracks/Stems

$50 USD

Estimated Time: 2-4 Hours

13-24 Tracks/Stems

$85 USD

Estimated Time: 5-7 Hours

25-36 Tracks/Stems

$135 USD

Estimated Time: 8-9 Hours

37+ Tracks/Stems

$185 USD

Estimated Time: 10+ Hours


$50 USD

Mastering is the process of making your audio ready for consumption. it ensures that the customer can enjoy your project on any platform or device. If Kool-Nerd Productions® is not mixing your project, please ensure your mix is ready for a professional master before requesting our services. Price listed is based on a "per project/song" basis.

Alternate Mix

$25 USD

If you've already paid for a full mix, but would like a separate mix that will be used for a different purpose (i.e. a clean mix for radio, a tracked out mix for DJ remixes, etc.), then purchase an alternative mix. Unless requested, the alternative mix will use the same master as the full mix. Price listed is based on a "per additional mix" basis.

Mix/Master Corrections

$15 USD

If you have received a receipt, and 48 hours has passed, then your mix/master is now finalized. If you would like to make changes to your project, it will cost a fee. Each individual correction is an individual charge. Price listed is based on a "per correction" basis.

Speedy Service

$50 USD

The Speedy Service is good for those who want to get a project done faster. This service puts your project as top priority over all other clientele. This can drastically improve your delivery time! Contact us first to determine if this is the best option for your project or song. Price listed is based on a "per project/song" basis.

Vocal Tuning

$35 USD

Vocal tuning can be described as manual pitch correction. If you are looking for automatic pitch correction (also known as autotune) then do not purchase this service! Manual pitch correction is for singers who are looking to fine-tune their vocal tracks in a natural way. Price listed is based on a "per hour" basis.

Audio Restoration

$35 USD

Do you have audio with some bad noise issues (i.e. hiss, crackle, pops, etc)? It's possible to remove those annoying imperfections from the audio! Before you throw it away, contact us with samples of the audio and we will determine if it can be fixed! Price listed is based on a "per hour" basis.