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About Kool-Nerd Productions®

Cory Barton

CEO and Owner

Why do I engineer and produce audio? Not only because of my fascination with the science of sound, but because an audio project should not be simplified into just instruments playing in unison or people talking into microphones. It is a collection of sounds, fighting to work together in the perfect way; yet, there is no manual on how! 

More importantly, it is an aspect of one's imagination and emotion that is exemplified through their creative release. In order for your audience to understand your creative genius and the message you are sending, it has to sound clean and clear. Kool-Nerd Productions is a company that strives to bring clarity to your message.

How do I plan to do that you ask?! By combining a strong work ethic, top-notch hardware/software, and the knowledge I acquired while in attendance at Capital University and The Recording Workshop, I can produce a sound quality that runs synonymous to the industry standard! 

Hi! I'm Cory, an audio engineer, composer, radio personality, and producer from Cleveland, Ohio who is currently residing in Bolingbrook, Illinois. I produce beats as well as mix, master, edit, restore, design and record audio. I provide my best effort in a timely fashion. I only care about what sounds best for you! I am not concerned with becoming a clone whose entire existence in this industry is causing over-saturation, low quality work, and a bad name for great audio engineers. I just want everything I touch to be brilliant. I strive for originality and perfection.  

Having worked with the large clientele that I have, I now have the experience to make your next project legendary!