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Engineering Services Policies

  • Work is done on a the basis of an independent contractor. This means payment is to be received first before any service or product can be given. All sales are final. Once I receive your files I will start working  and any fees paid will not be refunded for any reason. 
  • Money can be paid in any format besides a check. Any fees from the third party money transferring company will be put on the client.
  • Prices and Policies are subject to change at any point. If your invoice has not been paid, updates will apply. You will be subject to an updated price.
  • Using top notch software from companies such as Waves, Izotope, Antares, Focusrite, Softube, and more I will make sure your project is perfect!
  • Sample mixes will be sent to the client as the project in being mixed. This will allow clients to give their input during the mix process and ensure the final mix is to the client's liking.
  • Revisions at no extra cost if requested within 48 hours of receiving the final version of your project! After 48 hours the file is finalized. You will know a project is finalized once you receive a receipt.
  • Mixed and Mastered files given in any format(s) needed at no extra cost. This means you can request MP3, WAV, AIFF, or any other formats you need.
  • The time it takes to finish a project will vary depending on the demand of the song and our current work load. If you want to guarantee our services within a specific time frame, add the "Speedy Service" to your cart and contact us using the "Contact" Page. It should be noted that the Speedy Service has to be applied to each individual song/project and not a collection of songs/projects.
  • If you need your vocals tuned professionally and with precision this will be an additional cost. This does not include adding an auto tune. This charge refers to the process of finely tuning vocals to be within the musical pitch of the arranged song without sounding artificial. 
  • I will work with what I am given. If you give me a low quality project, I can't deliver a high quality project. Try to record on high quality gear or contact us for studio time!
  • Mixing different versions of the same song (edited version, performance version, explicit version, etc.) will be charged as an additional fee. Each additional mix is charged separately. I will use the same master (unless requested otherwise) so there is no additional charge for mastering.
  • Mixing costs will depend on the number of tracks you have included in your song's session. Larger sessions take longer to mix, so in turn, they cost more to mix. Sessions will need to be sent to us first before I can determine the cost for mixing.
  • If you are not looking to get a song mixed, but have some piece of audio that needs to be restored or edited, we can do this! Using the award winning Izotope restoration suite, I can help to clean up or edit audio for a podcasts, radio shows, vinyl audio, tape audio, and many other forms of audio as needed.
  • Visit the "Contact" page to send us files quickly and easily. Getting your song to us in the correct way will give your song the best results!
  • Any requests not specifically listed as a service provided by Kool-Nerd Productions® is still subject to a fee.